1Working hours, customer service and hotline.
Freely reach us at info@oceanrockusa.com 7days / 24hours
2I need an invoice for the order, where can I find it?
By default, we send invoices by email after your order has been processed. You can also view the invoice in your ELEMENTI shop customer. If you have not received an invoice, please contact us and we will resend it to you.
3I’m local, can I pick up my order myself?
It is also possible to pick up the online order on site. During the ordering process, the pickup option must be selected when selecting the shipping method so that no shipping costs are calculated.
4Do you need specialist knowledge to set up the fire pit?
No special expertise is required for the setup. However, since the fire pits are very heavy, we advise you to have one or more people help you set them up.
5How hard is it to assemble?
It’s very easy! Ten minutes would be enough. Please refer to Guide Book.
6What material are the fire pits made of?
Fiber concrete and eco-stone are used to manufacture our fire pits. These materials are particularly robust and ensure durability. Fiber concrete is concrete whose properties are optimized by adding fibers, for example to prevent the formation of cracks. Eco-Stone is made from natural inorganic mineral powder with the addition of high-quality plastics. Attractive appearance, high stability and low weight are the characteristics of this material. For product properties of the various fire pits, please refer to the information on the respective item.
7Is the gas bottle integrated into the fire pit?
The gas bottle cannot be integrated into all fire pits. In the case of fire pits, where possible, this is explicitly stated in the product description.
8Is a hose and a pressure reducer included?
Both the pressure reducer and the hose needed to connect to a gas cylinder are included.
9Is the propane tank included?
No, the propane tank is not included with this fire pit.
10No, the propane tank is not included with this fire pit.
Protective hoods are only included with some fire pits. Please note the product description.
11What gas is used for the fire pits?
The fire pits are operated with propane.
12Can this fire pit use a direct line from a propane source? Not a small tank?
This fire pit comes ready and equipped to connect to a 20 lb. LP gas tank. You will need a certified gas supplier or a local gas professional to come and reconfigure the gas connection in order to connect this to a plumbed propane line. Changing to the connection would void the warranty.
13Do we need to have the fire pit connected to an electrical supply or outlet?
The item does not require an electrical connection. It is a push button ignition that is battery powered.
14The igniter says electric. Does it have to be plugged in to an electrical outlet or is it battery operated?
It is AAA battery operated. The battery is located inside of the igniter.
15Is the connection valve to the propane tank standard connection?
Yes, the propane tank connection is a standard connection. Inlet connection: QCC (1.312”-5ACME)
16Is this item winter proof / weatherproof?
Yes, this item is made to be used outdoors. However, it should be covered during the winter months. And be sure to keep the bottom of the stove ventilated when in use.
17Can the fire pit be left outside over the winter?
Yes, it can stay outside over winter but should be covered with a weather hood.
18Is the fire pit waterpoof or do you need a separate cover when it rains?
The rain does not damage the fire pit much as it is designed for outdoor use. However, we recommend using either a protective hood or a cover for general protection.
19Can this fire table be stored outside safely with the protective cover on in a cold climate during the winter months?
We recommend that you detach the propane tank, cover the item and store the unit in an enclosed area. This will help protect it from cold weather conditions.
20Can the fire pit be usd indoors?
No, the fire pits are only intended for outdoor use, as CO2 poisoning can result in closed rooms.
21 I am concerned about rain water getting inside the item. Does the lid make it water-proof or do I need to buy a separate cover for it?
This product is designed for outdoor use, so a little rain shouldn't be too much trouble. But we suggest that you use a cover to protect the table when it is not in use. A cover will keep leaves and dirt out of the lava rock or fire glass.
22Can the fire pit be placed on a wooden base?
It's not a problem, the fire pit can be placed on a wooden base.
23How long will the unit burn with a full 20 lbs tank?
Burn time is determined by the BTUs.
24Can the flame be regulated?
The flame can be regulated turning the knob.
25How high is the flame?
The flame height is determined by different BTUs.
26Can you grill on a fire pit?
The fire pit is not suitable for grilling or food. Dirt can affect the proper functioning of the fire pit.
27Can you use regular firewood for the fire pit?
You should not use normal firewood, as the fire pit will be soiled by the ash. Under Accessories you will find our range of ceramic firewood that is suitable for this.
28What is the overhead clearance minimum? Can it be used under an umbrella?
The overhead clearance requirement is 72" above the height of the table top. The umbrella would need to be 6' taller than the table.
29It shows the burner, can that all be cover with extra lave rock?
No, the appropriate amount of lave rock is sent with this unit. You cannot use extra lave rock to gain more burner coverage. Doing this can cause the burner to soot and reduce flame height as well as cover the igniter causing the fire pit not to light.
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